WiFi Laser Printers For Mac OSX

Mac users can enjoy wireless printing without breaking your budget. Nothing beats a laser printer for fast black and white or color printing needs at a low cost per-page.

With 802.11 models, enjoy additional freedom to print from your Mac to anywhere within wireless range in your house or around the office. And the money you'll save on a laser over inkjet expenses will offset the slight price premium of a Wi-Fi enabled printer.

Black and White Wireless Lasers for Macs

Even if you own a color-inkjet - many Apple computer users want more flexibility when it comes to high-volume document printing. Whether for a business or small home office - wireless printing give great flexibility in placement, and a B&W laser delivers the lowest cost per page of any printing technology.

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WIFI - Ethernet - USB

HP Compact B&W Laser

Wireless Mac Laser

USB + 802.11 WiFi
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Wireless Color Laser Printer Options for Mac

Far more affordable and compact than ever -- Wi-Fi Color lasers bring fast, quality color printing on plain paper to your Mac desktop wirelessly - with many printers now costing less than $300. Like any computer accessory that uses consumables, be prepared for a bit of sticker-shock when you have to buy a replacement set all four C-M-Y-K toner cartridges. Typically around $75-100, but think THOUSANDS of pages - and not just several hundred like inkjet tanks.

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250 Sheet Capacity Tray

FYI: Be aware many low-end lasers (like inkjets) may only come with 'Starter' toner cartridges : That is to say they contain less ink than higher-capacity retail replacement cartridges will. Some manufacturers offer two tiers: 'Standard' or 'High-Capacity' ink tanks or toner canister that a savvy Macintosh user ought to take advantage of. These high-capacity cartridges usually contain 2-3x more ink or toner for only a 30% price premium.

Choosing a Wireless Laser Printer for Mac

Whether WI-FI enabled or not - Print volume should ultimately determine the right choice of laser printer. Personal laser printers are just that: with adequate paper trays for typically 100-250 sheets of paper. But if you share the printer in an office workgroup, look for midrange and up printers that have larger, higher capacity trays. Some printers feature optional, additional paper trays that can be added under the print mechanism to support auto selection of, say, Legal and standard Letter paper.