Mac Compatible Portable Printers for Mac Books

Some Apple MacBook users need to print on the road. When a critical document or contract HAS to get printed and signed - hotels may or may not be able to accommodate a Mac users printing needs quickly in a pinch. These best-selling Mac compatible portable printers offer a solution for road warriors that allow them to print anywhere - on the seat of a car, in a coffee shop, at a convention.
*NEW* HP Mac Bluetooth Printer - I'm thrilled to see the HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer now shipping. With a slightly sleeker and more appealing design, and Mac Bluetooth Printing (as well as USB 2.0) standard - it offers wired or wireless Mac OSX connectivity, longer battery life and faster print speeds for MacBook professionals on the go - or at their desk. A very nice revision to HP's mobile printer lineup!
HP H740 Bluetooth OfficeJet - A few features make this the best Mac portable printer choice: With USB and Bluetooth connectivity - it's a more complete out-of-the box experience than Canon's piecemeal approach. The HP OfficeJet H740 printer also features PictBridge support and a memory card slot for even more versatility.

Laptop Printers for Macs Running OSX

Best Portable MacBook Printers For Mobile Users
These portable printers listed below are already Mac compatible and supported by OSX Tiger and Leopard's included print drivers. Your Mac will instantly recognize Hewlett-Packard's HP470 Series and Canon iP100 in when you go to System Preferences > Print and Fax setup:
HP H470 Mobile OfficeJet - For USB connection only - this lower-end H470 model comes _without Bluetooth_ (but still features PictBridge and Memory card reader.) Its a more affordable portable laptop printing solution from Hewlett-Packard.
Canon Pixma iP100 - A compact 12.7 x 2.4 x 7.2 inches, Canon has long delivered the smallest and lightest Mac compatible portable printer for laptops. By refining this model year after year with higher resolution, faster print speeds and more connectivity options - Canon sets the standard for notebook printers.

Canon has been making Mac compatible laptop printers longer than anyone - and continue to deliver an ever refined portable printing solution for Apple laptop users.
Optional Rechargeable Battery for iP100
- This really _ought_ to be included with the iP100, but it's an option for those that know they'll want to print from their MacBook where AC power isn't available.
Optional BU-30 Bluetooth Adapter
- This USB dongle from Canon enables simple Wireless Bluetooth printing from your Mac to the iP100 and many other Canon USB printers (click link for full list).