Mac Compatible All-In-One Printers

Often the best overall choice: All-In-One printers combine Scan, Copy and Print (and optionally Fax) functions to minimize the wires and clutter of separate peripherals. Many AIO printers also include Flash memory card readers for digital camera buffs and PictBridge ports for direct camera printing. Nearly all provide surprisingly large and usually color LCD display panels to help you navigate all the printer's features.

Low-Cost Canon WiFi AIO

Print - Scan - Copy

Print from Anywhere
Very Affordable Wireless

Epson 610 Wireless AIO

Ethernet & WIFI

Up to 13" x 19" Prints
World Class Photo Quality

HP's Office All-in-One

HP 6500a Does it Right

Great Business Partner
Wireless + Fax Enabled

These days, the real challenge isn't finding a printer All-In-One with Mac compatibility, it's finding one that's easy to operate. Beware the higher-end models which can suffer from feature maximus and have an overwhelming number of buttons on the front. If AIO's have a drawback, it's the complexity in operating the printer: Keep the manual handy at all times, you'll likely need it for help performing any advanced printing options.

Inkjet Photo Printers For Mac

With faster print speeds and higher resolution than ever before - affordable Macintosh compatible color inkjets for your Mac laptop or desktop computer setup are still widely used. As long as you're wise enough to keep spare ink tanks or cartridges on-hand, you're good to go. Photographers in particular often want a dedicated photo printer, especially for large-format, archival prints.

Cheap HP WiFi Printer

So Much For So Little

WiFi + SD Card Slots
AirPrint iPad Printing

Canon Large Format Printer

8-Color Pro 9000 Mark II

Up to 13" x 19" Prints
World Class Photo Quality

Epson Wide-Format Printer

Affordable 13" x 19" Prints

Great for Posters and Proofs
Big Printer - Small Price

Laser Printers for Mac OSX

So affordable, the notion of a personal laser printer has supplanted the need of having to share one in an office or workgroup. With new technology, many of the newer Laser printers for Mac have become so compact that many sit conveniently on your desktop with a footprint barely larger than a shoebox. With a large number of driver's already built into OSX you may find you don't even need to install any drivers from disc. Start by connecting a new printer, going to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Print & Fax -- and seeing if your Mac will automatically discover it. If not, simply hit the '+' button to add a new printer.

Need the latest Print Drivers?

Apple is great about keeping the print drivers up to date with each upgrade to the OS X operating system. Part of that process is to add, replace, or update the print drives for all the major printer manufacturers.

Occasionally however, a print driver will become corrupted and need to be re-installed. Luckily, each manufacturer has made their drivers available for download from their respected websites. The following links should make that download and update process a bit easier when the time comes.

HP Support and Printer Drivers
Epson Printer Drivers for Mac OS X
Canon Printer Driver Support from MacUpdate

WiFi Printing for Macintosh and iPad

Mac owners LOVE wireless devices. Wireless network printer options for Apple Mac computers abound these days. Often included in mid-range models of inkjet printers for only $20-30 more, the cost of adding WiFi capabilities by choosing a Wi-Fi enabled model no longer commands a huge price premium. You'll find that the best Mac compatible WiFi printers to set up are those that include an LCD screen to navigate the menus, find your wireless or Airport network and connect. Lower end inkjets, or the many laser printers which lack an LCD display often involve having to run special network utilities on your Mac to configure the printer, it's IP address, and whatnot somewhat remotely - and can be a daunting task if you're not technically inclined.

Look for
AIRPRINT compatible wireless printer models if printing from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running Apple iOS is important to you. HP offers a dozen or so select printer models with AirPrint support built-in. Other printer makers may offer more limited printing apps to work with their printers, but so far Hewlett-Packard offers the broadest support for general print capabilities for Apple's recent handheld iOS devices.
Bluetooth is another wireless option for select printer models. Few printers have it built in, although some printer manufacturers offer a USB Blue-Tooth dongle that's designed for specific models of their printers to plug into via the printer's USB port. For close-range or mobile printing needs, Bluetooth offers a viable option and alternative to WiFi printing.